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LSL History

Over 80 years ago, in 1929, the foundation of LSL CPAs as we know it today was laid when George Wood opened his small office in Pasadena, California. In the 1940's he was joined by Wilmer Pyle, who later became a partner, and together they continued to grow their business through the depression and war years.

The firm opened a second office in Whittier in 1948, where shortly thereafter, Robert Lance and James Schlinger were made partners and the firm became Pyle, Lance & Schlinger. In later years, Richard Soll became a partner and his name was added to that of the firm. In 1970, Fred Lunghard became a partner and a year later he, Robert Lance and Richard Soll broke away to form Lance, Soll & Lunghard CPAs.

In the years that followed, LSL evolved into one of the premier CPA firms in Southern California, moving to Orange County in 1996 and opening a second office in the Temecula Valley in 2009, a third office in the Silicon Valley in 2011. The firm has grown to encompass nine partners and approximately 50 staff, including approximately 20 CPAs.

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